My path of life was not smooth and kind of weird. My family was from the high German bourgeoisie and wanted me to become a lawyer while my talent for photography was obvious since my age of 9 when I got my first Kodak Instamatik, for I was kind of predestined for this art as my mother worked for a branch of the Ministry of Culture and Education, a media archive that produced culturally based media for schools and universities in Germany.

Thus from that tender age I was in touch with my mother's archive of the Saar Region of Germany that displayed magnificent photos of our region's Roman history, including our wine-making sites, and also our cultural attachment to Alsace-Lorraine, France.

Actually, I was born a French, as my parents had French passports and studied at Nancy University, in France, for our region was occupied by the allies from 1945 to 1957, when I was two-years old. I still remember the French signposts on the roads and the French destinations displayed on the tram and the railroad.

My bi-cultural and bi-lingual childhood payed in the future when I became a lawyer and an expert on European Integration in 1982 and in International Relations in 1987 with a Doctor of Law title from Geneva Law Faculty in Switzerland in 1987.

Since 2004, I am living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, as a writer, philosopher and photographer, and I am feeling that I finally arrived at my destination in life, for I feel integrated in this culture despite of the apparent differences in lifestyle and attitude.

I am available for business photography now in Cambodia and in Vietnam, Hong Kong, India, China, Taiwan, and Japan.